Click-To-Scroll Feature

Posted 28th Feb 2020, 5:11 PM
Thanks to the incredible Kyo (Creator of Comicfury) my comic has been revamped taking advantage of the new multi-page and click-to-scroll code he has masterfully created. Multiple panels now load at once, and when you click on a panel it jumps straight to the one below it. There has never been an easier, brisker, and more intuitive way to read this comic than there is now!

I was always worried about the load times between pages and I know it was a deterrent for some, and I couldn't help but wonder how many people were missing panels because they forgot to scroll. These new features directly resolve all these issues and I couldn't be more grateful to Kyo and this amazing comic hosting site for letting me present this silly little comic exactly as I want it.

If you are experiencing any issues with this automatic scrolling feature PLEASE let me know, I've tested this on multiple browsers and half a dozen desktops and it seems to be fine on my end, but let me know if your experience is less than stellar.


Pokemon Levels

Posted 30th Dec 2019, 12:23 PM
Just for fun I've contemplated what 'level' the Pokemon are in this and the below is what I'm currently going with. I'll probably change it in a couple days. I change my mind a lot.

It might provide a few hints as to how capable the Pokemon are. Just keep in mind, in this comic, 'level' means 'experience' more than it means 'power'.

Incineroar: lvl 58
Blaziken: lvl 59
Pikachu: lvl 64
Incineroar Jr: lvl 7
Pichu: lvl 5
Delphox: lvl 63
Altaria: lvl 56
Dr. Chansey: Lvl 96

Dr. Chansey's not kidding when she says her healing is second to none. She is a Doctor, what did y'all expect.


Posted 30th Dec 2019, 12:20 PM
I just wanted to clear something up about the comic lore Re: Pokemon Eggs.

It is my firm and unwavering belief that Pokemon produce eggs by way of magic/non-physical means and since a large part of this story is about a particular Pokemon born from an egg, I just want it to be known that this is how I envision their conception.

Also it helps make it less disturbing when it's revealed who the "mother" is..

If it has to be physical I imagine it works in a similar way to how the Avatar aliens did it. Except without any appendages - more like a magical tether of some sort.

I'm not going to go into any more detail about this in the comic so just wanted to throw this out there.

Besides, I don't think anyone is expected to believe a Skitty and Wailord can reproduce by 'traditional' means.


Posted 21st Nov 2019, 6:56 PM
The Legend of Incineroar is a comic about friendship, hardship, and the special bond between a father and his sons.

I hope you enjoy this story which will touch on several Nintendo franchises, and be full of some crazy stuff :D