New Menu Bar

Posted 12th May 2020, 10:41 PM
At the top of the comic page there is now a static menu that stays in place even when scrolling. I've included a button to scroll straight to the top or bottom which is really handy considering how long the pages can get. Also, I wonder how many people even visit the blog or extras page since they're hidden away at the bottom of the page so I hope this gives them a bit more exposure. Granted, both the blog and extras page need some serious sprucing up, but I'm getting there. 

At the bottom of the page you'll also find the 'save/load my place' feature. Please keep in mind this uses your web cache to remember the place so if you delete/ reset your cache it'll forget your place. One way to make sure it really does remember your place, even on different computers or devices, is to login to Comicfury before you save your place. I mean, you could even go ahead and subscribe to the comic if you haven't already, too, just for extra measure :P Anyway, just keep in mind that the 'save place' feature will only save the actual page you're on. Each page is made up of multiple images, so it'll always load the top-most image when you go to load your place. You just need to click or scroll a couple times to get back to where you were is all.

Let me know if you experience any issues with the new menu layout.

Click-To-Scroll Feature

Posted 28th Feb 2020, 5:53 PM
Thanks to the incredible Kyo (Creator of Comicfury) my comic has been revamped taking advantage of the new multi-page and click-to-scroll code he has masterfully created. Multiple panels now load at once, and when you click on a panel it jumps straight to the one below it. There has never been an easier, brisker, and more intuitive way to read this comic than there is now!

I was always worried about the load times between pages and I know it was a deterrent for some, and I couldn't help but wonder how many people were missing panels because they forgot to scroll. These new features directly resolve all these issues and I couldn't be more grateful to Kyo and this amazing comic hosting site for letting me present this silly little comic exactly as I want it.

If you are experiencing any issues with this automatic scrolling feature PLEASE let me know, I've tested this on multiple browsers and half a dozen desktops and it seems to be fine on my end, but let me know if your experience is less than stellar.


Pokemon Levels

Posted 30th Dec 2019, 1:05 PM
Just for fun I've contemplated what 'level' the Pokemon are in this and the below is what I'm currently going with. I'll probably change it in a couple days. I change my mind a lot.

It might provide a few hints as to how capable the Pokemon are. Just keep in mind, in this comic, 'level' means 'experience' more than it means 'power'.

Incineroar: lvl 58
Blaziken: lvl 59
Pikachu: lvl 64
Incineroar Jr: lvl 7
Pichu: lvl 5
Delphox: lvl 63
Altaria: lvl 56
Dr. Chansey: Lvl 96

Dr. Chansey's not kidding when she says her healing is second to none. She is a Doctor, what did y'all expect.


Posted 30th Dec 2019, 1:02 PM
I just wanted to clear something up about the comic lore Re: Pokemon Eggs.

It is my firm and unwavering belief that Pokemon produce eggs by way of magic/non-physical means and since a large part of this story is about a particular Pokemon born from an egg, I just want it to be known that this is how I envision their conception.

Also it helps make it less disturbing when it's revealed who the "mother" is..

If it has to be physical I imagine it works in a similar way to how the Avatar aliens did it. Except without any appendages - more like a magical tether of some sort.

I'm not going to go into any more detail about this in the comic so just wanted to throw this out there.

Besides, I don't think anyone is expected to believe a Skitty and Wailord can reproduce by 'traditional' means.


Posted 21st Nov 2019, 7:38 PM
The Legend of Incineroar is a comic about friendship, hardship, and the special bond between a father and his sons.

I hope you enjoy this story which will touch on several Nintendo franchises, and be full of some crazy stuff :D